What is Art Insight?

Art Insight is an Online Curator, which connects Armenian contemporary artists with parties interested in promoting art and creating new environment. It is a website which allows individuals, medium and corporate business, such as:

  • interior design and event organization companies,
  • fashion and movie industry,
  • tourism and hotel businesses,
  • IT and communication companies,
  • wineries, hospitals, banks and more

to rent and/or purchase art pieces for corporate, family, cultural and charity events, as well as EXPOs and festivals.

Why Art Insight?

Art Insight is created to promote contemporary art through innovative means. This virtual spaceallows the customers

  • to enjoy in one place the diverse good quality artworks
  • to get to know artists, to compare artworks and
  • tomake a decision on which artwork s/he wants to own based on different parameters (size, color, price, median)

For the professional and emerging artists, it is yet another chance to present, marketize and sell their artworks

Quality assurance board

The Quality Assurance Board consists of art professional such as curators, art critics, artists and ensures the quality of artworks that are promoted through PromInnArt. The Board chooses the artworks being presented on this website as well as decides on price of artworks. Following by Quality Assuarance Board Charter.